Crissys Keys

Winter is a challenging season to consistently wear winter outfits that are not only weather appropriate but also form-flattering. With the primary aim being warm, it's often tempting to just throw on layers of women's knit cardigans and head out, but assembling a chic winter look doesn't have to be complicated.

Simple planning can keep you cozy and stylish throughout the winter months without having to sacrifice function or pleasing visuals. Here are some tips that'll have you excited to put on winter clothes and to brave colder temperatures.

1. Layering For Winter Style Points

A purposeful layering is ideal for achieving warmth and a chic look. Layering allows mixing and matching of patterns while being functional enough to face all varying temperatures encountered on a winter day. The secret is to get thinner pieces that offer maximum warmth pulled together with scarves, and gamble with differing lengths that flatter your physique. You can pile on outerwear such as suit jackets for women outdoors and then strip down to a cardigan when you are indoors.

2. Go Over The Knee

You can achieve a trendy look by wearing flat or low heeled boots in shades and materials that make you feel comfortable. You can wear a pair by matching them with pats or making dress weather appropriate by pairing thigh-high boots to cover more leg. Over the knee boots are flattering whether you are petite or tall. They are great alternatives to pumps or open-toed heels during the cold months.

3. Gamble On The Wild Side

Faux fur is a no-brainer when it comes to keeping warm, and when worn tastefully, it can enhance your look to no end. Consider using faux fur in pastel in combination with women's leopard top that has been in your closet for some while now. Also, substituting your jacket for a fur coat creates a high-end look that keeps you cozy and on point.

4. Make A Statement

If you are aiming to make a statement with winter clothing, then the coat proves to be the most appealing piece. Go bold and opt for a bright hue or a bold print instead of the traditional black and gray. This look can be pulled off by keeping the rest of the outfit neutral and straightforward.

5. Wear White

White coats and jackets can brighten a look and feel winter-appropriate while making you look classy and chic. You can pair your white pieces with darker prints or solids for a contrast that will be stark and vibrant. Similarly, black and camel are the go-to colours when facing doubts; these outfits will always feel stylish and give off an upscale vibe.

6. Match Your Hats With Your Coats

This simple trick is genuinely incredible- match your hat to your coat or suit jackets for women. When wearing matching hats, it creates the illusions of a chic ensemble without feeling too casual. On the not so bone-chilling days, a wool hat will keep you warm, or a fedora is a popular choice for headwear.

7. Drapes And Belts

Dynamic shapes and flow can be created by opting for drapes or a wrap. This add-on will keep you warm and make you feel engulfed in a bear hug. A belt is the accessory of choice to keep it closed while looking stylish and on-trend.

8. Scarves

Scarves are a must-have staple for winter and an opportunity to add colour to a dark look. Scarves can be oversized or regular, but they are available in a variety of textures and colours.

9. Ponchos

Capes and ponchos are ideal for a dramatic look, with minimal efforts required. They go along with everything from jeans to leggings to dresses and are an excellent way of pulling a look together and keep your warm as well.

10. Finish it off with gloves

Long gloves offer the perfect opportunity for you to wear shorter sleeve coats and jackets. It's not necessary to wear just black coloured gloves but go for colours that will blend well with the outfit and bring life to your look.

Winter is the perfect season to wear stylish coats and jackets and hats that have been wasting away in the back of your closet. With these tips, you will be the talk of the town with your ultimate stylish looks created with classy and straightforward ideas.