Crissys Keys

With an endless list of dresses, comes along an even longer list, if possible, of shoes. So not surprisingly, we are left wondering which shoes to select with the outfit. They say that diamonds are a woman's best friend, but who wouldn't trade their diamond ring for a closet full of shoes? From women's ballet flats to flip flops, there's so much to choose from! So there's a lot more to shoes than meets the eye, and here you can judge for yourself that it's not brain surgery to figure out which shoes go best with your outfit. You just need to get a grip on the basics!

1. A Balancing Act

The first thing to do while selecting the best shoes that complete your clothing is to choose those that don't compete with your outfit. Always pair happening shoes with simple outfits and wear simple shoes with clothing that has a lot of prints, embellishment, or dynamic accessories. It may be challenging to find shoes that enhance your outfit without being the center of attraction, but it's just a simple balancing act.

  • Does one element of your clothing stand out more than others?
  • Is there too much happening with the outfit? Are the crystals on your shoes clashing with the sequins on your dress?
  • Are your shoes and clothes blending too much? Does the overall black outfit and black shoes making it look like one extended black bodysuit

If any of these answers was a yes, then it's time to change your shoes and start again.

2. The Occasion

It doesn't matter how comfortable your flat leather shoes are or how discounted they were when you bought them- if they are misfit for the event and the occasion, then they are the wrong shoes. Similarly, glittery shoes have no place in the office, and flip-flops are not the choice for a formal event. So the simplest way to approach this problem would be to wear loafers or ballet flats for casual situations and classic pumps for anything formal- but it can get a little dull.

So if you want to make a more dramatic statement, then pair stilettos with your jeans and sandals with your suits but stick to shoes that are well-suited to your surroundings. Think about the day and its events and locations before selecting a pair that will be comfortable and appropriate.

3.  Dressing According To The Season

Knee-high boots for women are all the rage right now, but to pair them with a sundress would be contradictory. So it's quite easy to pair boots according to the season, pairing these boots with a wool dress would be perfection. Some shoes are multi-seasonal like leather pumps, so there's no reason why you can't wear them throughout Fall.

4. Colours

Black shoes are incredibly versatile, but they may be popular because people are afraid of choosing the wrong colour for their clothes. Colourful shoes are a great way to highlight your outfit and here's how you can choose which colour goes best with specific colours:

  • Black shoes: almost every colour except some earth tones
  • Tan shoes: lighter earth tones, beige, blue or white
  • Cream shoes: neutrals and pastels
  • Brown shoes: shades of brown, orange, green and dark earth tones
  • White shoes: light neutrals, pastels, and brights.
  • Gray shoes: reds, blues, blacks, and some yellows and purples
  • Silver shoes: pastels and white, black, blues and purples
  • Gold shoes: greens, browns, reds, and go well with black and white too.

If the colour is evident in your outfit, then your shoes can match it. If the shoe colour is not in your clothes, then you can rely on matching values, i.e., deep with deep and light with light. Complementary colours will create a magnificent contrast when paired together, while colours that blend well will create a harmonious look.

Wearing the right type of shoes can cost you the difference between comfort and disaster. It may seem like an exaggeration, but spending an entire day in uncomfortable shoes can be taxing on the body and soul. Whether you choose women's ballet flats or printed high stilettos, make sure they will last your whole event breezily!